Physical and occupational therapists may ask whether Yoga, Tai Chi and Feldenkrais approaches can be used as therapeutic interventions. After all, couldn’t a client receive the same benefits with a yoga or tai chi instructor? No. Rehab therapists have a unique understanding of how body structures and cognition relate to function. Physical and occupational therapists are able to use this knowledge to identify the underlying issues limiting performance, and determine the client’s needs for success. It’s this knowledge base that enables physical and occupational therapists to draw from these venerable traditions and provide skilled intervention. Therefore, an integrative approach can be used within the scope of therapeutic practice to facilitate the ability of clients to engage in everyday activities. The workshop will use lecture, lab and case studies to demonstrate the distinctive therapeutic aspects of yoga, tai chi, meditation, and Feldenkrais. This format will allow participants to experience the impact of these practices, thereby clarifying its application to individual and group therapy, while also illuminating how the integration of these approaches with traditional physical and occupational therapy provides the therapist a myriad of “tools” to promote functional performance and treat pain across the continuum of care. Participants will also learn how to document and bill for the reimbursement of these therapeutic approaches.

Core Concepts for Treatment


Impact of habits (postural, respiratory,mental) on health and function

The Weber-Fechner Principle: the clinical application of ease versus effort

Kinematic melody

Structural versus functional movement approaches to treatment

Neural plasticity – how to useit therapeutically


Tai Chi Chuan

Application to treatment

Fall prevention & balance and gait



Chronic pain

Cardiac & pulmonary rehabiliation


Standing Stake

Pelvic Rib Connection

Sword Hand

Cloud Hands

Self-care for therapists for pain relief and enhanced function at work

Case Study highlighting integration of tai chi into treatment

Restorative Yoga

Application to treatment

Neurological & orthopedic conditions



Chronic pain



Supported Recline Pose

Mountain Brook Pose

Bound Angles Poses

child’s pose

Case study highlighting integration of yoga into treatment


Application to treatment

Fall prevention

Improved cognition

Functional performance

Stress & pain management

Meditative techniques

Walking meditation

Case Study highlighting evaluation and integration of meditation into treatment


Common breath holding patterns

Components of efficient breathing

Techniques to promote efficient breathing

Case Study highlighting evaluation and integration of breathwork into treatment


Overview of the Feldenkrais Method

Strategic concepts which can be applied to

conventional treatment

Awareness Through Movement lesson and

application to postural control, reaching,

bending, transfers, pain management

Putting the Pieces Together

Comprehensive overview of developing an integrative approach for individual and group practice

Case presentation highlighting evaluationand integration into treatment


1. Evaluate the evidence for integration of

Tai Chi, yoga, meditation, breathwork and

Feldenkrais into clinical practice.

2. Demonstrate application of Tai Chi practices,

restorative yoga poses, meditation

strategies, and Feldenkrais awareness

through movement lessons to promote

functional performance and decrease pain.

3. Explain how yoga, Tai Chi, meditation and

Feldenkrais can be integrated with orthodox

physical and rehabilitation practices.

4. Devise integrative balance and fall

prevention programs for clients in medical,

community and home settings.

5. Analyze documentation samples for

integrative techniques used to optimize


6. Develop an integrative approach to

incorporate immediately for both individual

and group practice.

7. Assess case studies to evaluate how

integrative approaches can achieve the

desired patient outcomes in rehabilitation.

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